Strategic Design in a Box 

tame complexity and cultivate innovation

In the challenging world of nonprofit and social-impact initiatives, traditional methods often fall short. How do you navigate these complexities and truly make a difference? The game-changer: strategic design. It's not just a buzzword; it's the key to unlocking unparalleled impact in the communities you serve.

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What You Can Achieve with Strategic Design Skills

Human-Centric Impact

Delve into the heart of your mission, ensuring every initiative resonates deeply with the communities you serve and amplifies your purpose.

Innovative & Sustainable Solutions

Elevate your organization's approach with transformative solutions, designed for enduring impact and the lasting betterment of society.

Adaptive Leadership in Social Change

Embrace the dynamic nature of the social sector, optimizing resources and ensuring your organization remains a beacon of hope and progress.

This course offers

Digital Templates

Access a rich toolkit of FREE templates, co-developed with Carnegie Mellon University. Dive into printable PDF worksheets and digital whiteboards on Miro, featuring tools like stakeholder maps, personas, and more.

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Real-World Application
with The Forbes Fund

Go beyond theory. In collaboration with the Forbes Fund, we've crafted exercises based on real challenges faced by Pittsburgh nonprofits, ensuring your learning translates to tangible impact.

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from maad labs

Elevate your professional journey and that of your team. Earn a certificate by completing the course. Offer this opportunity to your team, enhancing their skills and your collective impact.

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have a sneak peek into one example lesson - stakeholder map

Step 1: start with a question

Disclaimer for Course Exercises
The exercises in this course aim to spur ideas and critical thinking. Note that the scenarios are fictional and for educational use, not reflecting real-world organizational challenges. Sample answers are not definitive but one of many perspectives.

Step 2: delve deeper into the content

Watch the accompanying video on the right.
Read through the provided notes below.

Note: A stakeholder map is a great way to get started with a project. You can use this organizational tool to figure out who is involved with a service or product, whether they’re providing, creating, or sourcing anything along the entire chain of delivering a product or service. It can also become a document that you can look back at throughout the project.


Step 3: download PDF or access Miro template

To use the Miro template, simply click on the image to the left and duplicate the template into your own Miro workspace. Whether you're using the PDF or the Miro template, either will serve you well for completing the practice exercise.

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Dive into a self-paced journey, typically spanning 4-6 weeks, tailored to fit seamlessly into your schedule.

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Meet Adam, Your Expert Guide on This Journey

Hey there! I'm Adam, and I'm genuinely excited to share this learning journey with you. At the heart, I'm a serial entrepreneur, always curious, always exploring. When I'm not navigating the business realm, you'll find me at Carnegie Mellon, teaching Entrepreneurship—everything from sales and marketing to digital product design. I'm honored to be part of the Tepper School of Business, the School of Computer Science, and even the Human-Computer Interaction Institute.

Enough about me! This journey is about you, about us, and the incredible things we'll discover together. I can't wait to get started!

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